The Parade is almost here! If you are walking with us, please be at the float by 1:30pm. We will be lined up on South Street between Harrison and Madison. Our float number is 44. Wear walking shoes and dress in St. Agnes and/or Irish Gear!  Please note that the parade route is a mile long and we will have to walk back to our cars. Traffic will be crazy so closest parking to the float will be at St. Agnes School.

Our doors are open for all events! Happy Catholic Schools Week---we appreciate you!


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Congratulations to all the students listed on their well-deserved accomplishments! We are so proud of your hard work!


Honor Rolls Lists

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Video by St. Agnes Elementary 8th Graders

Congratulations to the following students whose art was chosen to be part of the Springfield Art Museum  Art Show.

Sam Lowrance


St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Rainbow Fish”

Crayon Watercolor Resist

Ada Vilkins

First Grade

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Bright Lines and Shapes”

Oil Pastels with Black Color Wash

Matthew Monteith

Second Grade

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Happy Panda Bear”

Oil Pastels, Blending, Highlighting

Hayes Burke

Third Grade

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Decorated Branches”

Watercolors, Oil Pastel

Maelyn Floyd

4th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Greek Amphora Vase”

Sgraffitto Technique / Greek Mythology

Madeline Callahan

5th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Koi Fish”

Water Color Technique/ Crayon Resist 

Annabelle Sonnemaker &

Madison Scott-Hicks

6th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Banyan Trees”

Water Color Crayon & Sharpie marker 

Jeremy Rader

7th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School

“Open Window View”

Colored Pencil / Linear Perspective

Annie Callahan

8th Grade 

St.  Agnes Cathedral School


Water Color Crayons / Sharpie Marker



5TH GRADE                                                                                                           6TH GRADE

MADELINE CALLAHAN                   A                                                             JOHN BROWN                                   A/B

RYLEIGH CARROLL                           A/B                                                        ETHAN CARROLL                               A/B

KAYDIE DEMSTER                             A/B                                                        MATT CASEY                                      A/B

LARISSA HOLLAND                           A/B                                                        MICHEA EYERMAN                          A/B

JACOB JEFFERS                                  A/B                                                        ARIANA GARNICA                           A/B

MAGGIE LOWRANCE                     A                                                             CHERIE SABINI                                   A

SAMUEL MILLER                               A/B                                                        THOMAS SCHOMAKER                  A/B

ROBBY SABINI                                   A/B                                                        MADISON SCOTT-HICKS                A/B

SHANE SHAUGHNESSY                  A/B                                                        CODY SWATERS                                A/B


                7TH GRADE                                                                                                           8TH GRADE

LYDIA AUSTIN                                   A/B                                                        ANNIE CALLAHAN                            A/B

ETHAN BARBER                                 A                                                             LILY CLIFT                                            A/B

ABBY CARDONE                                A/B                                                        MAGGIE DAVIS                                 A/B

ELLA COLLINS                                     A/B                                                        TREY GAROUTTE                              A/B

HANNAH DEMSTER                         A                                                             NICHOLAS GOMEZ                          A/B

ELI DENNEY                                        A/B                                                        WADE HITE                                         A/B

NATE DEVOSS                                    A                                                             KHLOE LAURIE                                   A/B

CAMERON EVANS                           A/B                                                        SARAH MILLER                                  A

EMMA GEORGE                                A/B                                                        MADDIE WUTKE                               A

RYAN GEORGE                                  A/B

RYLIE JEFFERS                                    A/B

ANTHONY MANCUSO                    A/B

JEREMY RADER                                 A/B

TAYLOR RAE RUSSELL                     A/B                                                        

  • Congratulations to all the students who competed in the St Agnes Science Fair! We are so proud of all the hard work that went into the event!!! A special congratulations to our ribbon winners!
    • 1st Place:        Maddie Wutke, “Does Font Affect Memory Recall?”
    • 2nd Place:       Annie Callahan, “It’s Plane Science!”
    • 3rd Place Tie: Maggie Davis, “Rich or Homeless, Does It Matter How You Look?”

                                                            Trey Garoutte and Nick Gomez, “Does Weather Affect Mood?”

St. Agnes School has a student newsletter! It will be posted on the website each month under the news tab!

A special thank you to Annie Callahan and Ella Collins for creating the first publication!